Sunday, 10 March 2013

☆ Olloclip 3 in 1 Lens ☆

Hey peeps today Im going to be sharing my thoughts of the Olloclip 3 in 1 lens with you. Now when these first came out they where very expensive, well around £70 and staying around that price, after becoming a keen photographer with my dslr I really wanted a macro lens but they are so pricey and I would not be using that lens all the time, so I thought Id get the olloclip for my macro needs, I came across an epic find on ebay and ended up winnging a Olloclip in red for my iphone 5 for £24 delivered ! I know amazing bargain you just gotta love ebay :) 

So it arrived within a couple of days and was brand new and packaged. When I first removed it form its packaging I was quite impressed with the quality of the small product, how nice it looked in the metalic red. So you have 2 sides to the lens, on one side (the large one) is the fish eye lens and on the other side is two lenses, the top one is the wide angle and when you unscrew that one it reveals the macro lens beneath. All three lenses are really impressive the wideangle is great for landscape and those awkward portrait shots when trying to squeze loads of people in to the frame. The fish eye is just fun! especially for taking silly pictures of your pets. My fav though as got the be the macro lens, its just awesome at close ups, as you know Im a lego geek and I love doing macros of my lego figures and other geeky gadegts tech I have in the office.

I can honeselty say that I would of paid the full price for this device it is just great! can be fiddley to unscrew lens cap with one hand but still, to have a range of those 3 lenses whilst on the go is just brilliant in my opinion.

So let me share with you some of my shots taken with the olliclip, Im sorry that there are loads of macro its just I LOVE macro photography, there isnt any wide angles to show you but the name kind of explains what you get. So please see below for my macro and fish eye shots using the Ollilcip on my iphone 5 




                                                                    FISH EYE