Monday, 24 September 2012

Iphone 5 ~ First Impressions

Hey peeps, please see my youtube video sharing with you my first impressions of the iphone 5 

yes that time as come again where Apple release yet another awesome piece of tech that gets the world excited, I recieved this on 21st September 2012 the official release date, via courier after ordering direct with 

Saturday, 15 September 2012

iphone 5 is announced!

Wahooo that time came the iphone 5 as now been announced! with somne new additional features and slight design change its looking super sleek!

rather than go in to great detail again please check out my youtube video here stating my thought sand opinions on the new handset and what I was hoping to here at the live keynote.

I have pre-ordered mine direct through Apple and so hope I get it delivered on release date as it says I should.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

 Apple Event Announced 12th Sep ~ Iphone 5 

Wahooooo that time as finally arrived, Apple are about to hold there annual event on the 12th September, which should introduce to the world a new iPhone!, the iphone 5 which infact would actually be the 6th generation iPhone should be announced and a release date given.

If rumours and leaked pictures are true, we will be about to see an iphone thats much taller yet no wider, different design to the rear of the handset, higher gb, improved camera specs, 4g and slimmer design, however all will be revealed shortly and we will knbow the exact specs for sure!

Im hoping we have some kind of shape and design change Im not a big fan of the iphone 4/4s shape and prefered the rounder back, so hoping for a more snug fit in the hand! also we already know about 
i os 6 but Im thinking theres some additional features that we havent been told about that will make the next generation iphone a ultimate must have.

There are also alot of speculation that a mini ipad will be announced too, Im not quite sure about that as I think the iPads are doing fine and there is no need for a smaller ipad device to be introduced.

I will be watching a live feed of the event and will be posting my thoughts and opinions and excitement on twitter, feel free to follow if you like right here and stay tuned for my blog post of the iphone 5 announcement to hear the full specs and my thoughts on the new gadget.

Are you super excited!? will you be upgrading to the new iPhone?

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

★ ☆ HoverBar by Twelve South ★ ☆

Hey peeps, today I am going to be reviewing the HoverBar from Twelve south, this cool little gadget was spotted by myself on the application fancy (i love browsing away on that!) and I just had to get one. Basically its a flexible mount that attaches to the back of your imac or thunderbolt display so you have dual screen!. Great for watching a movie whilst your working on your imac or having easy view of your twitter feed rather than taking up space on your desktop and having to minimise windows.

When I received my new hoverBar I was surprised about how well presented the packing was, really nice box it came in that can be used for so many things afterwards rather than throwing away! In the box you get the following items: Ipad display clip, silicone pad, washer, hoverbar arm, cable manage clips, Allen wrench and a two way mounting clamp
You also get an instructions leaflet that also gives you 12 cool ways to re-purpose use the hoverbar box which I though was really cool.

The instructions are really easy and within 5 minutes my iPad was attached to my imac with this super cool device.

Please go check out my youtube video review here!
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Advantages: Quality device, parts and packaging

Disadvantages: Cant honestly give one, although It would be cool to bring it down in price but you pay for what you get and this is a quality device

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Nikon P510 Camera Review ♥

Why hello my geeks and may I start by apologising for my lack of blogging commitment, been super busy with work, spending time with family and testing out my new toy!

That's right I decided I wanted to take my photography to the next level, I have captured some sweet shots on my iphone 4s and wanted a more professional camera to take my hobby to the next level.

Well after nearly a weeks worth of research of what camera to get I opted for a bridge camera ( In between compact and dslr) Bridge camera's offer more professional features than a compact but are not as advanced as a dslr. I decided I better not run before I can walk and chose a bridge camera first. So then the big question was which bridge! I was torn between 3 models the Canon Power Shot SX40 HS, Sony Cyder-Shot HX200V and the Nikon Coolpix P510. I ended up choosing the Nikon after hearing great reviews from other Nikon users and it being one of the main brands who specialise in camera's, but I would be lying if the 42 x zoom didn't add that extra persuasion..that's right a whopping 42 x zoom! I have seen youtube videos of people zooming in on craters on the moon with this device! and with the P510 not being a dslr meaning no changeable lenses, having a set 42 x zoom is a great advantage.

I purchased the Nikon P510 from Amazon one of my fav gadget / tech on line suppliers, they had a cracking offer on at £299 knocked down from £399! I also bought a 32GB storage card for £25.
My new toy came the next day as I'm a prime customer and I could not wait to get it out of the box and play !!

First reactions:
Considering the device is so light weight I was shocked at how quality it still felt in my hands, it has a bulky yet attractive ;) body and it fits more than comfortably in my hands. within 10 minutes of playing with the menu layout I was aware of what I needed to do and what effects and features the camera had to offer, I also scanned through the manual which was so simple and within no time was using the correct feature for certain shots

The main advantages in my opinion of getting the Nikon P510 is the amazing 42 x Zoom no other bridge camera offers this high zoom and to get any where close to this using a dslr you would have to purchase about £5000 worth of camera and lenses.
Light weight and so user friendly
The P510 also supports HD video recording which is great too and will get used just as much as the camera feature

Sometimes takes a little time to focus but given time and accuracy this camera can create some great photography
Battery life is not amazing so I would advise you to pick up an extra battery so you can take two out with you on trips out, these can be purchased from amazon and eBay for approx £10

Over all:
I have a professional camera that is super user friendly and easy to use and light weight for taking out and about, and most importantly I got it all for a reduced bargain price of £299, so overall I am very happy with my purchase, who knows if the photography hobby takes to an higher level then I may invest in a more advanced dslr in the future.

Do you have a compact, bridge or dslr camera you highly recommend or do you also have the Nikon P510 if so what are your thoughts?

Here are some first attempts on my Nikon P510

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Top 5 Kitchen & Home Geek Gadget must haves

Hey all, today Im going to be sharing with you my top 5 Kitchen and home geek gadget must haves, just some fun quirky finds that will brighten and geek up any home. 
If you prefer to  watch my youtube video on this post click here 
Number one is Pixel oven gloves which can be purchased from for 10.99 or 8.99 from Amazon, these are just super geeky, I love anything pixel designed probably because I'm a huge minecraft fan
 Number 2 is Retro salt & pepper alien shakers, again another geeky kitchen must have, which can also be purchased from for £6.99
Number 3 is the Social shower curtain for any Facebook geeks out there this really is must have, and would bring a bit of comedy to any shower room :) £14.99 from Spinning Hat

Number 4 is the LED mood candles with remote control, these are a great ornament or decoaryve item to have, and are much safer than candles, they are made of real wax so look the business but they have an LED bulb which can be controlled to different settings and colours of your choice, and at a bargain sale price of £16.49 on Amazon I would go snap these up.

Number 5 and my most favourite out the lot as got the be slide to unlock door mat, being a super apps geek I spotted this on Amazon for £19.99 a while back and just had to get it, its a great quality door mat with added quirky geekiness, that always brings conversation when friends/family are leaving and entering our house.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Minecraft Geek Haul

Hello peeps today Im going to be showing you my latest Minecraft buys! as many of you may know Im a big minecrfat fan, started playing it on pc/imac about 12 months ago and now also on the xbox.
I always like to pick up merchandise for any certain game Im addicted too! so first up is my minecraft foam cool!? when I first saw these on line I was like "I got to have it!" but the price was  around £25+ and thought I would wait a little, and boy was I glad I did because last week Game tweeted on twitter that they had reduced it to £16.99 and when I went online to buy it, it only cost me £9 because I had rewards points! so well happy with that bargain :)
Next is my minecraft diamond wristband, not real diamonds ;) this was from ebay for about £8 delivered and is actually a kids size but I have tiny wrists so it fits well, next  is my minecraft stickers again from ebay these are priced at around £5 inc delivery and look great!
Last of all an probably my most favourite is my Mineraft diamond armour T-shirt from Jinx store on, this cost approx £27 delivered and I love it! fits great and quality material defo one of my fav geek t-shirts.

Any other minecraft addicts out there and what platform your prefer to play on xbox or pc/mac?

Minecraft Geek Haul

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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Kodak ZX5 HD Pocket Camcorder

I have been looking around for a decent pocket camcorder for my youtube reviews, I have no problems using my iPhone 4s I think the recording quality is pretty impressive, however I do want one for recording apps on my iPhone 4S, and it will defo come in handy on days out with the family. I initially was going to get the Kodak zi8 after hearing pretty positive reviews, but when i did price comparisons It actually worked out cheaper to get Kodak's latest model, which still held all the features and specs that I needed, so I finally decided to get the Kodak ZX5 Play Sport. 
Its a full HD, 1080p and 720P Pocket camcorder, its shock proof to 1.5m and waterproof to 3m, which explains it being a sport camcorder, so great for recording outdoor activities. 
It as a 2" LCD colour screen and WVGA recording modes. It can take still images of 5mp quality and features autofocus and face detection.
I love the quality of this device is small comfortable to hold in your hand and pretty light weight at 125g, I love the side panels that can be flipped up to allow access to the usb and HDMI port on the left hand side and memory card SD/SDHC memory card slot on the right.
It as easy sharing features for youtube, facebook and email, and also allows you to do some basic editing to your videos actually on the device such as trimming. 
And should you wish to edit your videos with software, Windows OS based computers can install Arcsoft media impression for Kodak, which will allow your to edit and customise your video footage whilst Mac OS users like myself can use iMovie just as smoothly to edit too.
You can connect the camcorder to your pc/mac using the USB lead it comes with and this can also charge the device aswell, but it does come with plug adapter too. 
After recording a few videos I decided to connect it to my tv via HDMI and check out my recordings on big screen, and was pretty impressed with the nice clear footage without much effort at all, and a great way to show off your recordings to a group of friends or family.
I was very pleased to find that my new Kodak fits perfectly in my iPhone 4s flexi pod stand which I got from ebay for £7.99 check out my previous review, which will make it even easier to record any unboxings or product reviews Im doing.
The Kodak ZX5 also as a very impressive stability feature, I recorded some footage on both my Kodak and iPhone 4s simultaneously and the iPhones footage was all over the place bumping up and down where as the Kodak's was super steady and more controlled so that was very impressive.
Over I really don't have any negatives to say about this product, i mean its still only early days and haven't been using for a long period of time so bare that in mind, however for the price its a steal. 
The rrp for this is appox £129 and Amazon are selling them at a great discount at the moment, bizarrely all mixed prices depending on colour but here they are:
Green £71.93 Blue £78 White £78.74 Black £84.99 and Red £89.99
Im a very big fan of lime green and white when it comes to buying any technology so the green caught my eye straight away and I was very pleased to see it was the cheapest too! 
So I got mine for approx  £60 cheaper, and it was so worth it.
Should you have any questions please contact me and also check out my youtube video on the ZX5 here.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

iphone 4/4s camera/video pod

I really wanted to get back in to my reviewing videos on youtube and wanted a pod stand so I can record footage easily. I did some research and cam across Joby's Gorillapod for iPhone 4 and 4s but was rather put off at the price of £34.95, so had a search on the glorious ebay and came across a much cheaper version, I new full well it would not be of the same quality but for £7.99 including delivery I thought I would risk it.
Well I am glad I did, the pod does exactly what I needed t for it holds my iPhone 4s in a stable and suitable position whilst i capture those certain images and video footage. The case is sturdy and holds my iPhone firmly on place and it then screws on to the stand or can be clicked in place, it won't screw on fully but thats so then you can navigate your phone around to your desired position.
Stay tuned for my future video uploads as they will have been used with my new pod.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The big bargain!

Bazinga! what a deal, Im super happy to have pre-ordered The big bang theory Bobble heads set of figures, at a bargain price of £19.99, for that price you can collect them and keep them stored in the box for future geeks or nerd up your office / home / space with these ever so cute decorative items.
Im an ultimate big bang theory fan and had been looking for some merchandise, so when I came across these at forbidden planet I just had to get them.
Any other tbbt fans here?

Monday, 18 June 2012

new clothage ✰

Thought Id share with you two of my most recent T-Shirts. The first is the official Minecraft diamond armour T-Shirt, which I purchased from Jinx for approx £27. I also got some cool Jinx stickers when my package arrived too! My next is my distressed batman T-Shirt in pink form Play in the sale for a bargain price of £7.99, they have loads more cool wear but sizes are limited so check them out soon.
I will also post some more of my geeky T-shirts so stay tuned :)

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Lollipop Chainsaw

I pre-ordered my copy of Lollipop chainsaw for the xbox and collected it from my local Game store on the day of the UK release 15th June. After hearing so many mixed reviews and opinions but knowing it was a unique game and nothing quite like it on the market I just had to try it and my opinion.. I love it!
Basically the story line is: Juliet a special zombie killing cheer leader, who very kindly decapitaed her boyfriends head after he was bitten by a zombie so he wouldn't get poisoned, performed a special ritual on his head so he could live and now wears him on a key chain attached to her mini skirt.....I know crazy !
Her boyfriend can be used through out the game on certain tasks and his head can be placed an a headless zombie's allowing him to be navigated around.
The game consists of many mini challenges and it divides the game up rather than it having a more free open play which in my opinion I quite liked.  I thought the Zombie basket ball mission was rather amusing!
I haven't yet completed the game so can't comment on the full story line, but so far so good. 
Pro's: Unique story line, colourful, fun and the main character is female (more games should have leading female characters)
Cons: Corny story lines at parts, don't like the fact that because a girl is in it they have to have pigtails in and the most revealing of outfits!, some kind of online multiplayer option would of been cool
I give this xbox game title a 8.5/10
Have you played the game whats your opinions ?
I really like it and hope for a Lollipop chainsaw 2

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Diablo 3

at the beginning of the month I decided to try out Diablo 3 after all the positive reviews from my gamer buddies, I went to download it and was shocked at the price of £45, seemed a little pricey however don't let it put you off! Its an amazing game with I think a decent story line and the graphics and illustration within this action packed fantasy / horror themed game are awesome!
Selling more than 3.5 million copies within the first 24 hours kind of explains how much this game was waited on. I can't compare the story/game with previous releases as Diablo 3 is my first within this series.

I started the game in single player (both single and multiplayer require online) Im currently a Wizard at level 19 and think I wont introduce any new characters until I reach a higher level.  I am now mainly playing this game multiplayer as its more fun working within a team and of course meeting new diablo geeks like myself ;) 

I play this game on my 21.5" iMac late 2011 model, 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 with 4GB memory and its runs perfectly ! all this hate i hear about gaming on an iMac is crazy I play many online games on my iMac, its no gaming computer but it defo still does the job.

Overall its a great game with many story lines and characters for you to develop, and awesome graphics well worth checking out!
Battletag is cyberchick87#1489

Had to get this! £9.99 from Game 

Welcome !

Well hello all and welcome to my new blog! I already have a nail art blog (lushlookz) but decided I needed another to share my love for games, gadgets and tech so here it is! 
Here I will be posting Game, gadgets and tech reviews amongst other random geekiness
Feel free to follow me on twitter, instagram and youtube the more the merrier :)
and stay tuned for blog give aways and competitions !!