Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Minecraft Geek Haul

Hello peeps today Im going to be showing you my latest Minecraft buys! as many of you may know Im a big minecrfat fan, started playing it on pc/imac about 12 months ago and now also on the xbox.
I always like to pick up merchandise for any certain game Im addicted too! so first up is my minecraft foam cool!? when I first saw these on line I was like "I got to have it!" but the price was  around £25+ and thought I would wait a little, and boy was I glad I did because last week Game tweeted on twitter that they had reduced it to £16.99 and when I went online to buy it, it only cost me £9 because I had rewards points! so well happy with that bargain :)
Next is my minecraft diamond wristband, not real diamonds ;) this was from ebay for about £8 delivered and is actually a kids size but I have tiny wrists so it fits well, next  is my minecraft stickers again from ebay these are priced at around £5 inc delivery and look great!
Last of all an probably my most favourite is my Mineraft diamond armour T-shirt from Jinx store on, this cost approx £27 delivered and I love it! fits great and quality material defo one of my fav geek t-shirts.

Any other minecraft addicts out there and what platform your prefer to play on xbox or pc/mac?

Minecraft Geek Haul

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