Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Top 5 Kitchen & Home Geek Gadget must haves

Hey all, today Im going to be sharing with you my top 5 Kitchen and home geek gadget must haves, just some fun quirky finds that will brighten and geek up any home. 
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Number one is Pixel oven gloves which can be purchased from for 10.99 or 8.99 from Amazon, these are just super geeky, I love anything pixel designed probably because I'm a huge minecraft fan
 Number 2 is Retro salt & pepper alien shakers, again another geeky kitchen must have, which can also be purchased from for £6.99
Number 3 is the Social shower curtain for any Facebook geeks out there this really is must have, and would bring a bit of comedy to any shower room :) £14.99 from Spinning Hat

Number 4 is the LED mood candles with remote control, these are a great ornament or decoaryve item to have, and are much safer than candles, they are made of real wax so look the business but they have an LED bulb which can be controlled to different settings and colours of your choice, and at a bargain sale price of £16.49 on Amazon I would go snap these up.

Number 5 and my most favourite out the lot as got the be slide to unlock door mat, being a super apps geek I spotted this on Amazon for £19.99 a while back and just had to get it, its a great quality door mat with added quirky geekiness, that always brings conversation when friends/family are leaving and entering our house.

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