Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Nikon P510 Camera Review ♥

Why hello my geeks and may I start by apologising for my lack of blogging commitment, been super busy with work, spending time with family and testing out my new toy!

That's right I decided I wanted to take my photography to the next level, I have captured some sweet shots on my iphone 4s and wanted a more professional camera to take my hobby to the next level.

Well after nearly a weeks worth of research of what camera to get I opted for a bridge camera ( In between compact and dslr) Bridge camera's offer more professional features than a compact but are not as advanced as a dslr. I decided I better not run before I can walk and chose a bridge camera first. So then the big question was which bridge! I was torn between 3 models the Canon Power Shot SX40 HS, Sony Cyder-Shot HX200V and the Nikon Coolpix P510. I ended up choosing the Nikon after hearing great reviews from other Nikon users and it being one of the main brands who specialise in camera's, but I would be lying if the 42 x zoom didn't add that extra persuasion..that's right a whopping 42 x zoom! I have seen youtube videos of people zooming in on craters on the moon with this device! and with the P510 not being a dslr meaning no changeable lenses, having a set 42 x zoom is a great advantage.

I purchased the Nikon P510 from Amazon one of my fav gadget / tech on line suppliers, they had a cracking offer on at £299 knocked down from £399! I also bought a 32GB storage card for £25.
My new toy came the next day as I'm a prime customer and I could not wait to get it out of the box and play !!

First reactions:
Considering the device is so light weight I was shocked at how quality it still felt in my hands, it has a bulky yet attractive ;) body and it fits more than comfortably in my hands. within 10 minutes of playing with the menu layout I was aware of what I needed to do and what effects and features the camera had to offer, I also scanned through the manual which was so simple and within no time was using the correct feature for certain shots

The main advantages in my opinion of getting the Nikon P510 is the amazing 42 x Zoom no other bridge camera offers this high zoom and to get any where close to this using a dslr you would have to purchase about £5000 worth of camera and lenses.
Light weight and so user friendly
The P510 also supports HD video recording which is great too and will get used just as much as the camera feature

Sometimes takes a little time to focus but given time and accuracy this camera can create some great photography
Battery life is not amazing so I would advise you to pick up an extra battery so you can take two out with you on trips out, these can be purchased from amazon and eBay for approx £10

Over all:
I have a professional camera that is super user friendly and easy to use and light weight for taking out and about, and most importantly I got it all for a reduced bargain price of £299, so overall I am very happy with my purchase, who knows if the photography hobby takes to an higher level then I may invest in a more advanced dslr in the future.

Do you have a compact, bridge or dslr camera you highly recommend or do you also have the Nikon P510 if so what are your thoughts?

Here are some first attempts on my Nikon P510

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