Tuesday, 4 September 2012

★ ☆ HoverBar by Twelve South ★ ☆

Hey peeps, today I am going to be reviewing the HoverBar from Twelve south, this cool little gadget was spotted by myself on the application fancy (i love browsing away on that!) and I just had to get one. Basically its a flexible mount that attaches to the back of your imac or thunderbolt display so you have dual screen!. Great for watching a movie whilst your working on your imac or having easy view of your twitter feed rather than taking up space on your desktop and having to minimise windows.

When I received my new hoverBar I was surprised about how well presented the packing was, really nice box it came in that can be used for so many things afterwards rather than throwing away! In the box you get the following items: Ipad display clip, silicone pad, washer, hoverbar arm, cable manage clips, Allen wrench and a two way mounting clamp
You also get an instructions leaflet that also gives you 12 cool ways to re-purpose use the hoverbar box which I though was really cool.

The instructions are really easy and within 5 minutes my iPad was attached to my imac with this super cool device.

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Advantages: Quality device, parts and packaging

Disadvantages: Cant honestly give one, although It would be cool to bring it down in price but you pay for what you get and this is a quality device

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