Saturday, 8 September 2012

 Apple Event Announced 12th Sep ~ Iphone 5 

Wahooooo that time as finally arrived, Apple are about to hold there annual event on the 12th September, which should introduce to the world a new iPhone!, the iphone 5 which infact would actually be the 6th generation iPhone should be announced and a release date given.

If rumours and leaked pictures are true, we will be about to see an iphone thats much taller yet no wider, different design to the rear of the handset, higher gb, improved camera specs, 4g and slimmer design, however all will be revealed shortly and we will knbow the exact specs for sure!

Im hoping we have some kind of shape and design change Im not a big fan of the iphone 4/4s shape and prefered the rounder back, so hoping for a more snug fit in the hand! also we already know about 
i os 6 but Im thinking theres some additional features that we havent been told about that will make the next generation iphone a ultimate must have.

There are also alot of speculation that a mini ipad will be announced too, Im not quite sure about that as I think the iPads are doing fine and there is no need for a smaller ipad device to be introduced.

I will be watching a live feed of the event and will be posting my thoughts and opinions and excitement on twitter, feel free to follow if you like right here and stay tuned for my blog post of the iphone 5 announcement to hear the full specs and my thoughts on the new gadget.

Are you super excited!? will you be upgrading to the new iPhone?

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