Sunday, 1 July 2012

Kodak ZX5 HD Pocket Camcorder

I have been looking around for a decent pocket camcorder for my youtube reviews, I have no problems using my iPhone 4s I think the recording quality is pretty impressive, however I do want one for recording apps on my iPhone 4S, and it will defo come in handy on days out with the family. I initially was going to get the Kodak zi8 after hearing pretty positive reviews, but when i did price comparisons It actually worked out cheaper to get Kodak's latest model, which still held all the features and specs that I needed, so I finally decided to get the Kodak ZX5 Play Sport. 
Its a full HD, 1080p and 720P Pocket camcorder, its shock proof to 1.5m and waterproof to 3m, which explains it being a sport camcorder, so great for recording outdoor activities. 
It as a 2" LCD colour screen and WVGA recording modes. It can take still images of 5mp quality and features autofocus and face detection.
I love the quality of this device is small comfortable to hold in your hand and pretty light weight at 125g, I love the side panels that can be flipped up to allow access to the usb and HDMI port on the left hand side and memory card SD/SDHC memory card slot on the right.
It as easy sharing features for youtube, facebook and email, and also allows you to do some basic editing to your videos actually on the device such as trimming. 
And should you wish to edit your videos with software, Windows OS based computers can install Arcsoft media impression for Kodak, which will allow your to edit and customise your video footage whilst Mac OS users like myself can use iMovie just as smoothly to edit too.
You can connect the camcorder to your pc/mac using the USB lead it comes with and this can also charge the device aswell, but it does come with plug adapter too. 
After recording a few videos I decided to connect it to my tv via HDMI and check out my recordings on big screen, and was pretty impressed with the nice clear footage without much effort at all, and a great way to show off your recordings to a group of friends or family.
I was very pleased to find that my new Kodak fits perfectly in my iPhone 4s flexi pod stand which I got from ebay for £7.99 check out my previous review, which will make it even easier to record any unboxings or product reviews Im doing.
The Kodak ZX5 also as a very impressive stability feature, I recorded some footage on both my Kodak and iPhone 4s simultaneously and the iPhones footage was all over the place bumping up and down where as the Kodak's was super steady and more controlled so that was very impressive.
Over I really don't have any negatives to say about this product, i mean its still only early days and haven't been using for a long period of time so bare that in mind, however for the price its a steal. 
The rrp for this is appox £129 and Amazon are selling them at a great discount at the moment, bizarrely all mixed prices depending on colour but here they are:
Green £71.93 Blue £78 White £78.74 Black £84.99 and Red £89.99
Im a very big fan of lime green and white when it comes to buying any technology so the green caught my eye straight away and I was very pleased to see it was the cheapest too! 
So I got mine for approx  £60 cheaper, and it was so worth it.
Should you have any questions please contact me and also check out my youtube video on the ZX5 here.

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