Saturday, 23 June 2012

iphone 4/4s camera/video pod

I really wanted to get back in to my reviewing videos on youtube and wanted a pod stand so I can record footage easily. I did some research and cam across Joby's Gorillapod for iPhone 4 and 4s but was rather put off at the price of £34.95, so had a search on the glorious ebay and came across a much cheaper version, I new full well it would not be of the same quality but for £7.99 including delivery I thought I would risk it.
Well I am glad I did, the pod does exactly what I needed t for it holds my iPhone 4s in a stable and suitable position whilst i capture those certain images and video footage. The case is sturdy and holds my iPhone firmly on place and it then screws on to the stand or can be clicked in place, it won't screw on fully but thats so then you can navigate your phone around to your desired position.
Stay tuned for my future video uploads as they will have been used with my new pod.

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