Sunday, 17 June 2012

Lollipop Chainsaw

I pre-ordered my copy of Lollipop chainsaw for the xbox and collected it from my local Game store on the day of the UK release 15th June. After hearing so many mixed reviews and opinions but knowing it was a unique game and nothing quite like it on the market I just had to try it and my opinion.. I love it!
Basically the story line is: Juliet a special zombie killing cheer leader, who very kindly decapitaed her boyfriends head after he was bitten by a zombie so he wouldn't get poisoned, performed a special ritual on his head so he could live and now wears him on a key chain attached to her mini skirt.....I know crazy !
Her boyfriend can be used through out the game on certain tasks and his head can be placed an a headless zombie's allowing him to be navigated around.
The game consists of many mini challenges and it divides the game up rather than it having a more free open play which in my opinion I quite liked.  I thought the Zombie basket ball mission was rather amusing!
I haven't yet completed the game so can't comment on the full story line, but so far so good. 
Pro's: Unique story line, colourful, fun and the main character is female (more games should have leading female characters)
Cons: Corny story lines at parts, don't like the fact that because a girl is in it they have to have pigtails in and the most revealing of outfits!, some kind of online multiplayer option would of been cool
I give this xbox game title a 8.5/10
Have you played the game whats your opinions ?
I really like it and hope for a Lollipop chainsaw 2


  1. Every time I see the commercial for this game on TV, I always end up thinking "What a crappy game" and at the same time I want to play since I love zombie games. I'll probably get it when it's at the lowest price. =)

    - The Girl Gamer

  2. Hi thanks for the comment and follow ,ugh appreciated :) Yeah its rather a corny game but fun none the less and different to any other zombie games, its int a patch on left4dead 2 but still worth a play, I totally agree I think this game will be a fraction of the price in another few months too